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Welcome note.

I am honoured to welcome you all to the Qatar Financial Centre’s 2nd Qatar Business Awards where we will recognise exceptional companies operating in Qatar’s market. The first edition focused on the work of our QFC firms while this year’s edition will recognise the achievements of the wider business community.

Last year’s edition was an incredible success and provided the perfect platform to showcase the truly exemplary work that so many companies are accomplishing, while also connecting our business community closer together. The 2018 edition was also a unique opportunity to inspire, engage, and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses registered on the QFC platform.


Since our inception in 2005, the QFC has been designed to be fully aligned with the national economy which is why this year’s edition aims to bring together all companies operating in Qatar’s robust and resilient market under one umbrella.

We look forward to welcoming you all to this year’s edition of the Qatar Business Awards and to showcasing your excellent achievements. 


Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida

Chief Executive Officer

Qatar Financial Centre Authority

Where do I start?

To be considered for one of the awards, you may nominate your organisation once in each of the categories or in your category of choice.


Organisations are required to submit a covering statement, evidence and supporting material to convince the jury of your achievements through the use of concrete evidence. Make your statement clear and simple, following the criteria provided in the Categories and Entry Criteria.


& entry criteria.

  • Best performing

    company of the year.

    The award will recognise businesses that demonstrate remarkable business growth percentages, in the form of revenue, employees and/or client growth percentages since establishment.

  • Most innovative

    company of the year.

    The award will go to the firm that has best demonstrated a recognition for the importance of innovation and a proven ability to create, nurture and develop a service or business model that substantially improves its commercial performance, operational effectiveness or prospects by bringing benefit to the organisation, its customers and other stakeholders.

  • Corporate social responsibility programme of the year.

    The award will recognise companies for outstanding and innovative products, services and projects which demonstrate the company’s leadership in driving an impact back into society.

  • Best employer

    of the year.

    The award will recognise organisations that have created a stimulating and supportive work environment and a real commitment to the welfare of its employees, resulting in high employee satisfaction levels and a well-motivated, ambitious and integrated workforce.

  • New business

    of the year.

    Businesses eligible to receive this award have been established under three years, demonstrate an outstanding growth record and profit performance beyond their initial projections, and have developed the foundations upon which growth can be sustained.

  • Best local partner

    of the year.

    A special recognition that acknowledges the local partner that has demonstrated driving unique and innovative ideas.


    Companies will also demonstrate successful collaborations, projects and joint marketing engagement.

  • Best non-profit

    of the year.

    The award recognises the organisation that adds value, through active networking, to promote the Qatari economy and its business opportunities and the contribution they make to the business environment through their initiatives and activities that demonstrate positive and proactive efforts to foster knowledge-sharing, and community and business development.

  • Best law firm

    of the year.

    The award will be judged based on several criteria including exceptional client work across a variety of practice areas along with innovation in the business of law, whether it be on firm management, diversity initiatives and/or client service.

  • Best customer service

    platform of the year.

    The award will go to the organisation that celebrates the highest level of customer experience in Qatar by promoting an exceptional end-to-end customer experience that puts their customers at the heart of every process and technology.


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